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Never even realized how lost I was without her. But I always was.

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"the marvel fandom is so great they love the stars so much!"

let me just say

that yes the marvel fandom LOVES the actors. But that becomes a problem after a while. The first one I can recall is with Tom Hiddleston after Thor 2, basically all these people harassed the man until he was not longer as ‘fun’ and willing to do things with fans as he was before

and now I see it starting to happen to Sebastian Stan because he has a new love interest. And I am so sorry to break your fangirl hearts but these men and women do have personal lives that do not need to be poked at constantly to the point where everything they do has to be secret.

Stop sending hate to Seb’s girl. She’s a lovely girl from what I’ve heard and it needs to seriously stop.

Stop harassing stars to the point where they feel scared/threatened by fans

((in no way am I saying the entire fandom is responcible for these actions, but I know there are a bunch of people who like to cluster up and bother these stars and it needs to stop.))

// This cannot be stressed enough. I know it’s not all or even most of us, but it is some of us and it needs to stop. I had the plea sure of getting to meet Sebastian Stan in both Philly and Chicago. He was friendly. He was cheerful. He was fun. Basically, he was simply amazing. However, he was a lot more guarded in Chicago than he was Philly (which is where I first met him). You could tell he was enjoying him. That he appreciated us as a fandom. You could tell he was still shocked by his popularity and the fact that he was more than just that “bad dude from the Covenant.” But I also got the sense that dark cloud was dampening his spirits.

By no means do I have any kind of inside story and I most definitely don’t know if Sebastiam Stan (or any other Marvel hero) feels some kind of way, I just compared my two adventures and the vibe I got from each.

I guess just think if it like this… You wouldn’t want anyone talking about you or someone you care about the way some of us talk about not just Margarita Levieva but Sebastian too. So think before you speak/act. Admire, appreciate, love, those who inspire us and make us love the movie adaptations of comics we’ve always loved. Don’t hate or be angry. Because without them, there is no Bucky Barnes or Steve Rogers or Loki or Tony Stark (at least not on the big screen).

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Steve doesn’t divert his gaze, meeting her head on.

"And I doubt you’ll be dead when you’re 95," he counters. He can read between the lines of the file SHIELD had leaked on her, and he is no fool; there is something more to Natasha Romanoff. The thing is, it doesn’t actually matter to him. He’ll keep her secret no matter if she owns up to it or not, because he has to hope that a zebra can change its stripes.

Especially for Bucky’s sake.

"I’ll be ready when you finish those hash browns," he says evenly, leaning back in the booth like he hasn’t got a care in the world. He does, of course. Too many. And Kimberlee the waitress is still hovering like a shark, but he’ll deal with it all if that’s what it takes to get Natasha to focus on herself for 10 minutes.

So he pours himself another cup of coffee. It doesn’t matter, since he’ll metabolism the caffeine in the next 20 minutes anyway. And he waits.

"The only way I’m still alive at 95, Rogers, is if I’m a zombie. On the plus side," she shrugged, "the only thing I’d want from you then is your brains."

Which would be easier to deal with than the things she often found herself wanting from him now.

"Okay, Cap," she smirked, "I’ll make you a deal. I’ll eat my entire breakfast if, and only if, you give our waitress your number or you get hers. Hell," she said stabbing her pancakes with her fork, "I’d give you both my number if I thought either one of you would call. As it were, I’m not manly enough to be her type and," she stuck her forkful of pancakes in her mouth, "you and I both know my hands are too dirty for me to ever make it on your radar."

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Bucky Barnes | 1917 - 1944

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// I never shipped Natasha and Cap until barbershopfourth.

Her and her Steve ruin me and my Natasha - in all the best ways.

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